SF-Caravanin alueita netissä englanniksi!

Tämä tekee hyvää Suomen leirintämatkailulle! Ikävä kyllä toistaiseksi mukana on vain Hymiöalueet.


We have a great pleasure to inform you that we have opened a new website about high-quality, recommendable and safe SF-Caravan campsites in Finland. We would be more than happy if you could share this information with a link at web.

All SF-Caravan campsites on the Clubcampings.fi website have received a “Caravan Smiley” quality mark. The mark is based on a quality system developed and maintained by SF-Caravan, which aims to enhance the quality, safety and management of Finnish Caravan campsites.

The “Caravan Smiley” mark means that the campsite provides all basic services. The mark also implies that

  • the staff and visitors are requested to follow provided safety regulations
  • all buildings and technical equipment at the campsite are properly maintained
  • the campsite has adequate first aid equipment
  • signs and the notice board are up to date
  • the campsite has a customer feedback system.

Please check more details: www.clubcampings.fi

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